But it is always a pleasure to find him in the company of his cats, and therefore I present him to you immediately: Filippo and his mucosa couple, Maud and Dinah! Philip lives between Paris, where he works, and Burgundy, where he has a wonderful country house that can be enjoyed as soon as he can, on long weekends or during holidays … and the extraordinary nature of this commuter life between two parts of France , both so suggestive, is given by the fact that he is always accompanied by his faithful cats: Maud, the white and black, and Dinah, the black!

The two big cats go from apartment life in Paris to country explorations and adventures in Burgundy, lucky them! And of course … they are also commuter cats, used to the train!

Filippo tells us about his everyday life in Paris: ” The week in Paris is a little more boring for Dinah and Maud: I am out all day and during my absences, they stay indoors! In the morning I open the door to them when I wake up, and they stay outside in the court. Then on my return, during my breakfast, they come in and out of the open window, but they alternate the strolls outside to cuddle. “Open window”: it seems right to me after so many hours closed in the house! Unfortunately, however picturesque and suggestive to us humans, no city court can rival the smells, spaces and sounds (or silences) of the countryside “.

And how right Filippo is! From the photos he sends me from Burgundy, I am always enchanted by seeing the magical atmosphere, a bit bucolic and a bit of the past … where the weekend passes between readings in front of the fireplace, cuddling on the sofa and calm priceless, precious and unique, of the countryside … this is the atmosphere that regenerates, the calm that soothes, and then the cuddles to your own cats, after a day in Burgundy, become an even more intimate and special ritual!

If you want to read the whole story of Philip and his wonderful kittens, you can read it, told directly by him! All that remains for me is to thank him again for having sent me these beautiful photos and to tell me, from time to time, of his beautiful life with Maud and Dinah: with them he managed to establish a relationship of love and complicity, but also of extreme trust with spaces of freedom that are not granted to all cats today … Thanks, Filippo for making us share your extraordinary love story “with three hearts and ten legs”, these are the true stories that warm the heart of every human cat lovers!

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