Our reader and friend. His is a large troop, 5 wonderful cats: Riky the black and white, Alvin the white and brindle, Toby the black and white, Stella mica tabby and the white Luna. And here they are, in all their tattoos splendor!

And here is Cristina’s story: ” Stella came to us on April 2011, a week after the loss of our beloved Leo (who left us after 16 years): she had 20 days, a spinning top, then four months later Riky arrived (4 months), recovered with her mother and two sisters from a disused warehouse that had to be dismantled (the little sisters and the mother were adopted by the head of the Bergamo cat shelter). “

A year later, Alvin (2 months) arrives in an old house in the province … Three years later Luna arrives (age estimated at age 3), she found refuge near the post office in front of our house, we brought her food three times a day, but the thought of that poor little being left to himself made us sick and so …

And we are at 4, last year Toby arrived, his previous human being moved and rather than abandoning him he preferred to take him to the cattery, we saw his picture and we immediately fell in love with that funny bandit nose. Except for Luna they all come from the “micile”

In the meantime we have been taking care of Gray for two years, a neighborhood cat, we loved him, fed and cared for, he broke our hearts by flying too early on the bridge in January because of a bad disease.

Seen that cuddly and close-knit family? I sincerely thank Cristina for sending me her shots and I take this opportunity to tell you that you can go and see her directly on her blog, Cristina’s crochet, where she weaves the adventures of her cats together with a thousand colored threads with which she creates scarves, works on ‘crochet and much, much more! And at this point I just have to invite you, dear readers, to send us photos of your animals: here on TrueFelineGoodBlog they will be the guests of honor!

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