The basis is the choice of a good veterinarian of proven experience and willing to intervene in any emergency situation, it would be better than that his heart is feline.

The kitten will be scared as soon as he gets home but then curious, more and more! It will be the case to keep it under strict control for at least a few days until it is settled. Never let your guard down! The puppies are curious, precisely, and everything is played but also for this it is a danger. I don’t want to create panic, but to transmit through our experience how we should behave, first of all when we panic we live it so I feel like remembering again when Lord walked quietly on the tubular balcony and I slowly went to pick him up: my heart stopped!

And Nanà, luckily I was present when the paw got stuck in the handle of the cupboard in the kitchen. Then when he jumped to the balcony sill where citronella burned and she lost her mustache! Away saying other facts that have affected the puppies, such as dropping a glass, nibbling the electric wires (which are extremely dangerous among other things also because they can be throttled) and a butterfly that may seem like a game to chase but could also make them fly too.

Having a garden might seem the best thing but it is not really so, cats will always have to be treated with pesticides, the plants will have to be “chosen” of the non-toxic type for them and, essential, they will not have to have “contacts” with cats of street (risk of feline leukemia).

The use of bleach is strictly not advised, the male will tend more and more to mark the territory! On the market, there are excellent products for medical and surgical purposes which, in addition to neutralizing odors, prevent the onset of bacteria.

There would be many more, for now I will stop here dear.

This time I would like to talk about analysis. It will happen that we want or have to do urine analysis on our cats. It has always been, I remember years ago, a great undertaking, I locked myself in the room with the cat to be analyzed, litter empty and very clean, waiting for the event to be sucked with the syringe. Both Piki and Dali did not like to pee in the empty litter box at all, what patience !!!

Now, however, a very practical and above all hygienic kit exists on the market. It’s called Catrin, the only flaw, in my opinion, is the pipette to aspirate the liquid, better the syringe

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