Hello, Truefelini of my heart,

I haven’t been writing a post for weeks, nor am I approaching this platform. And there is a specific reason. Nothing serious, eh! Nothing bad or worrying … but rather, far from it!

A few months ago I received a particularly attractive proposal regarding a work project; Needless to say, with how much joy I was later joined, happy to be able to do something that was seriously in my possession, satisfied that my previous work had paid off. Well, what was initially only a “virtual” project eventually became a real concrete, palpable work; work that in the following weeks then came alive.

I threw myself headlong into it as you would have expected from me, and seriously I tried (and I still try, actually) to bring it to fruition. I’m only halfway there, the road is long, but not as rough as I would have imagined, fortunately for me.

Only that …

Only … I have been lacking in you and in those of my friend and colleague Silvia here in the “True Feline good Blog” abandoning this diary of ours to dedicate my head and heart to something completely different.

Here is the reason for this post today.

First of all to apologize to all of you for not having had the foresight to write a message before, maybe … believe me though if I tell you that I was literally invested and taken away by this imaginative mess of possibilities. Because of this, it is a question of a possibility that came at an unexpected moment and through which I could change the course of my future.

I am not here to justify myself, nor to abandon you. No.

This is an apology post and at the same time a small “post-it” on which precisely a return date, officially taking a little break, at least until I finish the “big job” that is committing me for two-thirds of every day of mine.

I am counting on returning with so many new features not only for this beautiful blog that we have filled together in recent years but also to share with you what has been, what is and what will have been.

I know that time is a friend in this and it will allow me to return with all the optimism and the desire to do that have always distinguished me (or at least I hope! * _ *).

What others tell you … thanks for reading through and through with updates soon!

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