Who like me is struggling with morning purr, pre-nap and chases and games with our friends with mustaches knows how complex and difficult (at the limit of hilarity) is to bring your friend to the doctor!

Raise your hand if you have never stolen to retrieve the carrier without making the slightest noise so as not to be spotted by the cat!

And raise your hand if you succeed in the first attempt to get the “unfortunate” into his plastic cell!

And, again, raise your hand if you haven’t made this huge effort to take it to the doctor and then discover that the visit itself lasts 5 minutes!

Well, I am convinced that if I had you all here in front of me, I would know that no one of you raised your hand (well, of course, there are rare and fortunate exceptions!), Because “Operation Cat-Dal-Vet” is a very complicated affair to implement! : D

Do you want to know the process that I necessarily have to follow to bring my daughters to the vet? But then, I want to know how many of you live the same situation and how you do it to be able to do everything effortlessly! :)


Appointment: 6 pm

Preventive preparation: about 5 hours before the meeting


  • prepare the carrier from the morning
  • take it out of the closet very calmly and avoid sudden movements
  • place it in the center of one of the larger rooms, with the door open
  • insert one of the favorite pads inside
  • sprinkle the bottom of the cage, if necessary, with colored balls and rattles
  • also, prepare a handful of crochet as a precaution
  • let the cats get used to the carrier for the following hours and can enter it comfortably when they want and above all if they want

At about 10 minutes from the start: try by all means to incite the crafty ones to play around the carrier and, once inside, close the little door and immediately reward them with a handful of crochet.

In the car: endure the subdued mewing, stroking what the heads are in and pointing out our presence to them, keeping one hand resting on the grate.

From the veterinary: try in every way to get them out of the carrier already knowing that, once outside, they will climb by clinging to you grating your arms and shoulders. The visit will last a few minutes and all will involve a good half-hour of pout, once at home!


Forget the carrier, the cats will never enter it! Better to use a nice wide coat and put them in your arms, hoping they do the good ones !! In the car, they will automatically enter the carrier because it is a comfortable refuge full of comforting objects (bearings and balls).

Then? Did I remind you of something? :)

I leave you a very funny video, which explains in detail what I told you today. As usual, the author of the “Simon’s Cat” saga is truly eloquent when it comes to our feline friends! Not to mention the smiles that leave us after each viewing! Well enjoy it in the company and you won’t regret it! :)

Good vision!

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