Remember the cat owner at the latest when her favorite chair was toupiert. Cats are consistently setting up their own home – and here and there. If you’re home to a bonsai tiger in the living room, you’re often confronted with completely new challenges. Want to buy some nice designer furniture and paper it?

– Wait a while, then, until you’re single again, because sofas, wooden furniture, and wallpaper are the “scratch victims” N ° 1.

But what is behind it?

Why are cats scratching everything? And – can you prevent something against it?

Why are cats scratching?

Scratching as a defense

The claws are the most important “tools” of a cat.

Without functional claws, a cat can not make prey; she needs them to catch and hold the prey, but also to climb and jump. A cat with blunt claws could not defend itself and would be hopelessly inferior to their peers in turf wars.

Cats are always anxious to protect their territory. The area is important because it supplies them with food. Therefore, a cat defends its territory – if need be, even with full physical effort! Those who do not prevail and lose a fight must look for new territory.

Uncastrated tomcats are more aggressive than neutered cats or cats. Who the “King” is, is decided in ritualized battles. There’s a lot of shows – just like wrestling – basically, it’s about intimidating and impressing opponents, but not seriously hurting them. When a “newcomer” comes into the area or the hangovers grow up, it often comes to heavy disputes, which should determine the ranking; when this is fixed, fights are usually rare.

Scratching as a game

Playing is fun and is important for cats: Here, the body and social behavior are trained, cats learn the movements that are necessary to succeed in hunting, and they are taught manners – because they learn that signals must be unique in order to be understood by the conspecifics. By exaggerating the game every cat is clear: “Hey, this is a game, get it?” And can be interpreted correctly by the counterpart.

But why do cats sometimes go over the mark?

Especially young cats are sometimes so out of control that they scratch and bite: there is already clamped in the heat of the moment with the front paws and scratched heartily.

In dealing with Katzenkumpeln that’s quite okay – they can classify that correctly and possibly respond immediately with an attack – but the cat’s age usually sees an unfriendly act.

Scratching out of boredom

Cats live with us and have adapted perfectly to us and our lives over the centuries. But we should never forget that they are animals with their own natural instincts that they want to live – yes have to!

Like their “wild”, non-domesticated ancestors, all cats have a hunting instinct. Depending on the race, although different pronounced – Persian cats are rather quiet contemporaries, Burma, Abyssinians or Siamese are more active.

Especially cats need daily play hours and enough employment. This is at least as important as animal- friendly feed and hygiene: they want to make “prey” – as do their colleagues, who can live out their hunting instinct naturally as a free-fall outdoorsman.

If a cat is kept alone and does not have a buddy to bother, it may happen that human body parts or the home furnishings have to believe.

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