Cutting cat claws – that’s how it’s done

If your cat finds enough ways to wrench her claws off, you do not need to cut her claws – even the dead claw shells nip cats off themselves – you do not need to help.

Only in older animals, overweight or sick animals, which are no longer able to do this themselves, you should keep an eye on the length of the claws in order to be able to cut in the event of the falls: Just easy on the paw pads press – and your cat shows you the claws – but in all friendship!

But watch out! Please do not just bang on it! Please let the veterinarian show you in advance how to cut your cat’s claws and what kind of scissors you should use. If you are unsure or have any concerns, leave it to the veterinarian to avoid injuries and unnecessary stress.

Why claws cut?

When is it time to cut the claws?

Are the claws completely retracted while walking or resting and not visible, they are not too long and do not disturb the movement; but if they are constantly visible, they can not be completely retracted – even in the resting phase – then there is time to shorten!

Too long claws hinder the cat:

  • The cat is disturbed and restricted in its normal course of the movement.
  • The cat stays more often or constantly hanging (carpets, blankets, etc.).
  • You hear when your catwalks over a harder ground and “tackles” it.

Cats cut “nails” – what do I need?

You take…

  1. Special claw scissors
  2. Sufficient light
  3. The cat
  4. determination
  5. A “cat owner”

Never cut the claws with nail clippers, nail scissors or kitchen scissors! This is not for cat claws!

For the “cat nail care” there are special claw scissors, which are specifically shaped and make the claw care for humans and animals as comfortable as possible in the well-assorted specialized trade. These claw cutters cut the cat claws precisely and neatly, without breaking them off or shattering them.

Claws cut in cats – step by step

Almost all claws are very bright, so you can see clearly where the “life” begins: ie the blood vessels and nerve pathways are easy to see.

That’s how it works:

Cat brave, but without hassle under the arm, claws with pressure on the paw pads “extend”, claw tips with a special claw scissors hats – ready!

Attention: Please cut only the outermost tip of the claw – that is maximum up to 2 mm before the “life” – in no case deeper! Otherwise, you hurt the tissue.


1. Cats are not humans

Although they live with us and have adapted perfectly to us, they are animals and should be allowed to be. And animals follow their instincts, which are passed on from generation to generation.

2. Nature makes sense

In nature everything has a system, a logical order – nothing is left to chance. And that works perfectly too! Everything has a deeper meaning. Unfortunately, we do not see this sense or it does not quite fit into our modern world.

3. Sofas you can buy – cats do not love

(Above) life artists in the middle of us: We all have less and less contact with nature, but find it with our cats: they show us how to do it, namely, decelerates: And this coaching is free every day!

So stay relaxed and make a cat – and no sofa!

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