The right cat tree

A cat tree is good – several trees are better ! With trees that reach to the ceiling, securely fixed, you can – complemented with ropes, pots, baskets, caves, and shelves – create great adventure landscapes for your cat!

Such an arrangement can of course also be set up on the balcony: secured with a net, such a playground outside is particularly appealing!

From a vantage point, the kitty can blink in the sun, listen to the birdsong or just absorb the smells … It’s a wonderful dream.

With a little manual skill, you can build a scratching post – tailor-made for your tiger – yourself.

Tip: It is best to use natural materials such as non-polluting wood, sisal, untreated leather and fabrics that can easily withstand the claws and teeth of the stub tiger.

Get used to cat scratching

Finally – the new cat tree is waiting to be conquered – but how do I make it my cat likes the new tree as well?

  • Is there a trick?

With Cat Mint Spray to Success?

No matter – whether a brand new scratching tree is used or the old one has to give way to a new one – the collection should be done sensitively : So not just sang the old tree and dispose of it, but carefully prepare the tree exchange over a longer period of time: first of all the new one put it next to the old scratching post and make it tasty with a few favorite Guises.

It is often advised to treat the new tree with catnip, valerian or similar – but be careful! Not all cats like these fragrances and “Much helps a lot” (once the fragrance is deeply absorbed, it stays on wood or sisal for a long time!) Can be rather counterproductive in this case! Because the smell-sensitive cats are fed up with too much scent quickly and then avoid the wonderful new cat furniture.

If fragrance, then in a subtle way: drizzle very sparingly a few drops on a cloth or a small pillow and deposit it at the cat tree.

The best way to lend the new tree the individual cat’s fragrance: just delicately with a cloth over the head, flanks, anal area and then edit the scratching tree with the cloth – then the scratching tree smells well-known!

Incidentally, catnip generally sparingly – preferably only once a week – offer; because even the most beautiful becomes everyday and boring if it is permanently available!

Scratching boards as an alternative

For the 1 meter cat: Cats like scratching boards, as they can make themselves quite scratchy here!

Who has the choice, as you know, is in agony! The well-stocked retailers offer a variety of different variants: For every living area, taste and budget is something there!

  • Scratch boards: Before you buy scratchboard, you should think about where and how it should be used.

The advantage: There are fixed or foldable scratching boards, which can be mounted easily and flexibly. Because cats usually have different places that are “scratched”: this can be around the retreat or feeding place or under the corner bench and table. Always remember that the cat wants to mark their territory – so where should you put the boards best to cover the territorial boundaries?

That does not mean that you should plaster the entire living area with scratching boards! Watch your cat and mount in the striking places. Cats love the variety as we humans; After a while fill in or exchange with scratching boards, scraping boxes, scratching tools or scratching carpets made of natural fibers.

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