When the cat is home alone

Confidence is good, protective measures are better: you can not guard the “scratch” around the clock. If you’re worried about your furniture when you’re away from home, take precautions:

  1. Furniture with objects that produce noise and whose surface is smooth and not rough – so do not invite to scratching: z. Like aluminum foil, rescue foil or painter’s crepe.

  2. Place empty cans or tin toys on the furniture, which become active and sound when touched.

  3. Distraction is (often) everything: offer the cat an interesting alternative that she can not resist: place an attractive scratching variant next to the furniture that is latently endangered or divert the cat with a toy that she does not yet know (you have to do not constantly buy new toys – with a little imagination, you can always surprise the cat with very simple things). For example, an empty box with – still! – unknown content, which the cat can explore through various openings, is enough. So you distract the cat playfully.

  4. You can also fill such boxes with things that make noise and position them on the furniture. When these fall down, noise is also generated that scares the cat and keeps it away from the furniture.

  5. The easiest way: close the room, to which the “danger” should not have access – but beware! Some cats are very capable of opening doors! – So always lock up – then you play it safe!

  6. Odors to deter cats: Cats are very odor-sensitive and do not like certain scents. These include natural fragrances such as thyme, lavender, and Just put lemon peel, thyme or lavender in small bowls near the spots that could be haunted by the cat. You can also spray lavender or lemon scent (also available as a replenisher) on the carpet on which the furniture stands.

  7. If it does not bother you, you can also use repellents that use the scent of fecal matter from other animals (such as foxes) as a deterrent.

The right choice of furniture

You now know that cats prefer rough surfaces that resist scratching (eg tree bark). If you buy yourself a new sofa, look for one that has as smooth a surface as possible and scratching so no “attack surface” offers.

Coarse substances that are so reasonably resistant – so passé! Take a couch rather smooth, soft fabric, leather or imitation leather.

If you do not want your cat to take possession of your new furniture, get your own furniture! – It’s just her – just like your couch is reserved for you. Put yourself in your cat: these are “speleologists”! Surprise her with a piece of furniture with a cave that invites you to climb and at the same time withstand excessive scratching attacks – because your new shelter will mark your cats as a favor: “Mine!”

You can increase your exploratory urge by hanging a blanket or sheet over the shelter and leaving only one or two accesses. Maybe a treat or your favorite toy inside – and the arbor is ready!

Prevent scratching

Some cats also scratch out of boredom. Especially when there is no conspecific and the cat is kept alone, she can feel lonely. To attract attention, cats develop a considerable repertoire of behaviors to be noticed …

Common games and cuddles are therefore important. Because body and soul want to be cared for – by the way, that does you good and not only your cat! The common rituals also solidify your relationship. The petting is really perfect with a cat massage! Just like us, humans, a massage stimulates the metabolism and releases tension.

Offer alternatives: Home cats need cat toys to keep fit. The toys always exchange and vary – but watch out – the absolute favorite toy can not be better disappeared – because the house blessing could quickly hang wrong!

And offer the cat real alternatives to scratching:

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