As animals whose ancestors come from desert areas, they get along well in the summer. However, the cat should never be left in too hot rooms or even in a closed car – they too can suffer a heat stroke!

The sweat glands of the cats are in the area of ​​the lips, at the anus, around the milk strip and above all at the paw pads. The ears of cats also dissipate heat.

At the beginning of spring, the cat gets her ‘lighter’ summer coat.

Long hair cats brush regularly

Especially with long-haired cats, you should support the coat change by regular brushing.

Because it can happen that the cat swallowed when licking too many hairs, which then settles as bales in the digestive tract. Here it helps the cat to access cat grass (there are in garden centers also as potted plants for the apartment) to allow – which supports digestion.

Sometimes cats lick their coat especially intensively on hot days and so moisten it. By the subsequent evaporation, they get additional cooling. The same purpose is followed by light panting with the mouth open.

Rest periods and enough freshwater

When it gets hot, the cat is sleeping more than ever and is happy – like humans – about quiet and shady spots, she likes resting on cool tiles, for example.

Are very important to the adequate ways of water to drink. Milk is unsuitable because it quickly turns sour and is not tolerated by any cat. Cats need more water than usual and like to use watering cans, flower pots or birdbaths.

In the apartment, one should pay attention accordingly to clean, sufficient and easily accessible litter boxes.

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