Our house cats belong to the cat family.

Their larger relatives are cheetahs, lions or tigers – predators – and pretty wild!

Those who observe cats in the wild, notice this kinship immediately:

walking through meadows and forests, walking on unknown paths, secrets – all this is pure cat nature; when the sun dances in the trees, there is a crackle, something rushes by, and the hunting grounds spread out in front of you – which cat could resist?

Many a cat owner who keeps his cat in the city apartment, therefore, is plagued by a guilty conscience or turns himself off and the question of whether life in the home can be worth living for his cat at all.

She can!

  • If you create the conditions that the cat can live according to its nature.

How big must an apartment be for cats?

Your cat needs exercise.

As a hunter, her body structure is designed for sneaking, jumping, climbing, but also for fast sprints. Jump from a standing position, land precisely or gallop at a top speed of up to 50 kilometers per hour – no problem for the cat!

And all this with incredible suppleness!

What seems so casual is the work of a musculoskeletal system whose joints and muscles have been perfectly matched in the course of evolution.

The apartment should provide the cat with enough space for exercise – “living room with kitchenette” is therefore definitely out!

How many square meters per cat?

It can certainly be argued excellently whether 40, 50 or 60 m² are suitable; Therefore, the focus should not be (only) on the “right” square footage, but also on how the cat’s life can be designed in it – because it’s about the division and installation of the room. A territory that looks over your cat at a glance is certainly less appealing than several rooms that are always rediscovered. Even outside, areas get smaller, the better the feeding is.

  • But also rich cats want to hunt!

The psychological aspect, therefore, plays an essential role:

Imagine what it would be like for you – every day in the same, small room that has quickly come to an end – boredom is inevitable. At some point the concentration subsides – there is nothing to focus on – and you become lethargic and depressed.

The only highlight is feed time! Then you live on and eventually suffer from overweight. A gloomy scenario – admittedly – it is quite easy to create attractive incentives with a little creativity and empathy!

Enlargement of the usable area by climbing possibilities

Space for climbing fun is also in the smallest hut!

With a little imagination and a look for interior design, you can increase your cat’s living space by creating climbing, running or lying on the walls.

And the window seat is reserved for the velvet paw! – Exclusively and with season ticket!

Because cats love to sit on the windowsill! On the one hand, this is an elevated lookout, from which the cat has everything in sight, on the other hand, there is always moving out there, action – that irritates the eyes of the hunter immensely.

In addition, you can bask in the summer wonderfully in the sun, in winter, the heating donates from below cozy warmth: This is called then “cat luck with a view”.

No wonder that window seats are hard-fought! Some cats do not like to share with fellows and flowerpots.

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