Pay attention to the dangers of an apartment

“Most accidents happen in the household” – a Binsenweish

but nonetheless, even a “civilized” household poses a number of dangers.

And you should know that!

Windows & doors

As long as windows and doors are closed, there is no danger.

But as soon as windows are tilted or a breeze hits the door, it can be tricky: cats are hunters – admittedly, that’s how many repetitions – but it is very important to understand the cat being – and therefore curious. Just do not be fooled by the Wuschelm√§hne! – Cats squeeze through as good as anywhere:

where the head fits through, also follows the rest!

A cat trying to pass a tilted window can easily get caught and seriously injured. Even doors can be a trap: the cat just wants to go through – and zack – the wind or a careless bipedal – skin with Schmackes the door! As quickly as the tail is trapped.

It is very easy to secure doors and windows. For windows, there are – depending on taste and structural circumstances – for the side angle or above grids, nets or spring blinds to protect the cat.

You keep doors in check with door stoppers – even true to style in the cat format – if you want:

Washing machine & dryer

Pleasures for cats are those where it is warm and cozy and protected: washing machines and dryers, which – with or without laundry – still emit residual heat – are therefore predestined for our girls – there can be so wonderful undisturbed relax!

Tragically, however, this can end when the 60-degree laundry is pending and the cat is in the midst of the laundry.

Better to take a quick look before every wash or dry cycle.

It’s like looking at the shoulder in traffic: it’s unlikely – but maybe there’s someone – in the worst case a cat in the drum – sure is safe!

First look – then turn on!

Cat owners should go over this feline control look in flesh and blood.


There are plants that are safe for cats, others should be banished from the cat household. But which are they exactly? – Which ones belong to the “good” plants and which ones are poisonous for cats?

“Good” plants:

Erika, Hahnenkamm, Camellias, Coconut palms, Daisies, Lemon tree, and Cyprus grass.

Toxic plants:

Wisteria, ivy, ferns, gum trees, oleander or jasmine

Attention: Please also make sure that watering cans with residual fertilizer or pesticides are always out of the reach of cats!

At a glance:

Here you can download an overview of the plants, which are poisonous for cats, simply: (The plants are arranged after the German names!)

Table of poisonous plants for cats

This list you can take to hand if you are in the purchase of plants sometimes uncertain.

How to make the balcony cat safe?

Jimi! – A place in the Sun! Even cats love the balcony! There are so many interesting impressions here: smells, sounds, preyer birds – flutter past – one would like to spend the whole day there.

But surely the balcony should be. And it’s up to the cat- lover to make him cat-safe.

Before proceeding to action, but obtain the permit from the owner when the apartment is rented.

Mesh for balconies are available in different colors and mesh sizes – from very small to very large (20 – 50 mm). Please choose a smaller mesh size, so that the cats can not slip through. The material should be of high quality. And best UV-resistant, and above all tear and bite resistant.

Your cat will find it really great if you not only think about your couch, but you also set up a great climbing and lying corner – optionally also a shady corner – then you both can balcony to the fullest.

plastic bags

Always put the plastic bags away and stow them away so that cats do not get there!

Since cats like to explore everything and crawl in everywhere – the crackles so beautiful – there must be something ‘drin! – they can suffocate or eat parts in it, and that is not exactly wholesome. The handles also harbor dangers – because they can easily get tangled up in them.

Apart from the fact that plastic bags are environmental “garbage”: If bag, then a paper bag! These cats like to play for their lives and they can not hurt themselves – even if a bit is bitten off – the piece is biodegradable and is simply used biologically (end) – you know what is meant…

Now comes a box: By the way, a stable box is even better!

The is stable and can be explored very well through a few extra openings:

Just cut in different-sized holes, put on top of a blanket – as velvet paws have much longer what of it.


A decent essayist would now effectively underline the positive answer to the question “cat-friendly apartment – is it even?” But it is not that simple.

The golden middle ground would be great: apartment + outlet – but often there is not this compromise.

Cats with a pure housing attitude, who are kept under the “appropriate” conditions, usually live longer – but whether a cat who only knows the apartment, is also happier in her long life?

This is to be judged solely at the discretion of the person in whom the cat lives.

You have it in hand – do something out of it!

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