Care for cat fun

Do you want to offer more variety to your baby tiger? – Great!

You do not have to spend huge sums on toys! With a little imagination, you can do a lot of DIY yourself – with very simple things that can be found in almost every household!

Just put yourself back in your cat: You are a hunter. So what do you prefer to do?

Exactly! – Lurking, hunting and of course! – Captive! So create stimuli that satisfy these needs.

“Not so easy!” Do you mean? Then take a look at the following chapters!

Cat Toys

Awaken the hunter in her!

But Hunter is not the same hunter: Some like fast, fun games – others like to watch your prey and still others like to chase only in the head – so thinking games that have to do with strategy.

It also does not always have to be a voracious prey – so give food or Guzies as a reward.

Most games work very well with substitute loot.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Fishing:

Fill the bowl with water and put the table tennis ball or cork on the surface of the water – the bigger the water surface, the more exciting the game becomes!

2. Research:

Prepare cartons, boxes or large paper bags with loopholes. Inside to place something to discover (paper, toys, leaves, pine cones, etc.)

3. Spin:

Wooden spinning tops are available in many toy shops for little money; you can drive them with a kind of whip or by hand. Cats can track them wonderfully and give them new directions through Pfoteln.

4. poaching:

The other roommates sometimes have some great toys that cats like to borrow: for example dog toys.

5th Squash:

Throw balls at the wall and let the cat hunt you down.

6. Lurking:

Recharge prey in the hole, which always peeks out and immediately disappears. At some point, you have to sacrifice the prey but sometimes, otherwise loses even the most patient hunter the desire.

7. Catch:

strong leather strap – with or without appendage, which is pulled quickly over the ground – the classic par excellence, easy to vary and indestructible. Small balls, fur mice, crumpled paper balls or walnuts.

8. light play:

let the light cone of a flashlight hunt in the dark. Start the game close to the fur nose and give the cat a real chance to capture the light.

Attention: Please do not use laser pointers, as they can cause severe retinal damage when shining in the cat’s eyes!

Entertainment for cats


The digital age also opens up unimaginable possibilities for the cats! Whether video game or app for cats – also Stubentiger get their money – provided that you are open to such a thing.

If – then you should use such a thing only now and then and not for constant entertainment. Just staring at the tablet or the screen, fatigues and is not really humanely.


Then, of course, there is also a kind of ” self-runner toy ” for cats, which – once touched – continues to run, killer or jumps. The trade offers a wealth of variations here. For a while, this is certainly fun for your cat, but at some point it gets boring.

Just imagine how predictable that is for an ambitious hunter if he already knows from the outset what the supposed loot will do next! The only thing that excites us the movement at the most – but only on an average level. At some point, you just take a paw for that – that’s enough.


Thinking games that constantly challenge the intelligence of the fur noses are more interesting. “How can I get the treat?” You can always develop new tasks – however, your cat should eventually have a sense of achievement – so the “grapes” are not too high – that depressed too. Make sure that the cat also has a sense of achievement and there is something special to schnabulieren for special tasks. That inspires!

With all the outdoor entertainment – please never forget that your cat is and should remain an animal.

In other words, every toy, no matter how sophisticated, can replace a conspecific and your society. Just spend as much time as possible with your Miez! You do not have to do any special stuff all the time; just be DU. Let the cat participate in your life, show her that you perceive her: stroke her head when she lingers around you, but let her take her nap in peace and accept her retreat zones.

Indulge your cat. Just like us humans, attention is vital. Touch, proximity, body contact – all this needs your cat – but probably dosed, please! Think about it – velvet paws decide when to cuddle enough. Do not force on your cat what she does not really want:

  1. Petting zones: back, flanks, chest, behind the ears, chin, between the shoulder blades
  2. Do not stroke against the grain!

If you are paying attention to the body language of your cat while pampering, you’ll find out over time what she loves and what you can be better – the ” off-limits ” so better generously avoiding…

Or treat your little girl to a little wellness unit in the form of a massage (- but please without oil! – that would not be so good!):

  • Work with gentle pressure first from the head to the tail end
  • Start with your fingertips behind the ears, massage over flanks and shoulders
  • Swipe over the back to mark the end of the massage.

Note: Over the eyes, you can also massage with small circular movements – that’s what many cats find particularly pleasant!

Scratching possibilities for the cat

Capturing, fighting and fleeing – the fun of exercise, but this is the engine that not only keeps the body fit but also ensures that a cat is required and joy of life.

Apartment cats, therefore, need daily play hours and sufficient employment.

If a cat is kept alone and does not have a buddy to bother, it may happen that human body parts or the home furnishings have to believe.

Offer your cat attractive scratch marks – preferably as many as possible – but at least 1-2 for each living room:

Scratching Post:

It is best to choose a scratching post made of natural materials, such as non-polluting wood. They convince not only by high-quality workmanship and materials without chemicals but also do the cat well. Granted – they are slightly more expensive to buy, but it pays to invest in a solid tree in the long term.


Cat scratching bins are available with cave entrances and padded loungers inside. This kills two birds with one stone: The sturdy fabric is perfect for clawing and the caves provide cozy retreat possibilities: a new favorite place for your tiger!

Designer Cat Furniture:

Who wants to give the interior a special touch, also has the opportunity to design his living room with individual cat furniture. This not only enhances the space but also makes the cat and the viewer fun!

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