Bring nature into the apartment

Freewheelers have exposed too many different sensory impressions every day: tastes smells or sounds.

Stubentiger must be satisfied with a much smaller, highly humanized habitat. But you can spice it up, of course:


Decorate the apartment with materials from nature:

stones, clay, wood or plants such as seaweed or moss.


Indoor fountains are extremely popular with cats – preferably with balls that move in the water jet or fall. In pet shops, there are special drinking fountains – only for cats.


Kübelpflanzen for the cat: create a green oasis for you and your cat. You can set up pots or pots of plants that please the cat. Best grasses such as bamboo grass, Segge- or gold flutter grass. Also suitable are blue fescue and marram grass.


Even cats who have never been on the loose as freewheelers love nature sounds; they are probably stored around the subconscious. There are CD’s with nature sounds that you can play – but please quietly – too intrusive, loud noises like cats usually not.

Cat grass

Cat grass is not only decorative, but it also has an important function for the cat: when cats clean themselves, they swallow hair. But how is that?

Cat tongues are rough because they work with their many small barbs like a brush with bristles: when the cat cleans, the hooks stand up, comb the coat and hold at the same time loose hair, which are then swallowed. The swallowed hairs usually accumulate in the stomach and are then excreted through the intestinal tract; If too many hairs accumulate, the cat eats grass in the wild – especially the coarse-grained plant parts – to be able to choke out the indigestible hair.

Grass acts as a kind of “emetic” – admittedly – not very appetizing, but a completely natural process for your cat.

For this reason, you should offer cat cats as a replacement. Cat grass is available in pet shops in different varieties and can be easily pulled into the apartment.

Bring items from nature

If the cat does not come into nature, nature comes to the cat!

On the next walk, think of your salon lion at home and bring him something exciting, natural fresh from your trip!

What? – Well, there you have a free choice!

You’ll find summer and winter thrills at every turn, which you can take home without much ado – many things even fit in your pocket!

Depending on the season, this may be beechnuts, pine cones, and acorns or even honors, branches with leaves or flowers.

Enable your cat to have a social life

First off: Not all cats are the same. They are even very different. A “that makes cat one way or another” and derived standard instructions for “cat” does not exist!

Anyone who takes the trouble to look closely at the behavior of large and small cats finds that there are similarities, but even big differences in the big cat family: lions, for example, hunt in packs, but our domestic cats prefer to hunt alone. The whole thing probably has to do with habitat and evolution?

Although our house cats are individualists, they definitely need social contacts, sometimes even less. As kittens usually spend the first time with their mum and siblings, they also learn the “kitty” code of conduct during this time.

In the first months of life, therefore, social behavior is “programmed”; Everything that a kitten gets to know during this time is reflected in the coming years of life as a pattern of behavior:

Whether they like other cats – generally or only certain conspecifics – and want to make friends. Petting, games, racks, grooming, if wanted – that’s with conspecifics tremendous fun – not a little man ever so manages as another cat!

Why not keep cats alone?

Cats travel in the wild: they travel many kilometers every day – in search of prey and staking out the area. Sure, they rest sometimes! Take a break, have a nap and meet “friend” or “enemy” from time to time.

The cat is challenged with all her senses. No day is the same, there are new adventures lurking behind every tree – there is a certain amount of vitality that is vital for hunters!

The body is in motion, the psyche is required – that keeps cats healthy and active.

And now imagine, you do not necessarily like all your fellow species, but you have to live alone on a lonely island, on which there is every comfort, but you have no one to talk, cuddle and arguing. Since cats usually have no smartphones and lonesome islands lack coverage, you would be completely cut off from the outside world!

  • Okay – it can be quite liberating to live as a hermit, but many cats develop behavioral disorders: some are mentally atrophied and retreat completely, others become anxious or aggressive.

So keep cats in the apartment never alone – better for two or three.

But how can you tell if cats can smell?

Brushing and combing the cat

Scientists have found that the hormone oxytocin is closely related to the relationship care that is formed in the social grooming, that is, when animals “brush” each other. The hormone, so to speak, strengthens the relationships between each other.

Cat owners, whose cat already diluted with the idea of ​​care unit, can smile at this point only tired.

But actually, it makes sense to get cats used to brush and comb and to make a kind of ritual out of it – which is positively charged – can also strengthen the animal-human relationship.

Care for a retreat

“Miez miles?!” – But far and wide no fur nose insight?

Cats often choose the most curious hiding places; They squeeze into the narrowest niches and corners – there are no taboos!

The retreat is a natural cat behavior. And – once again, there is not just one good reason why cats do that, but several: if they want their peace, they retire to a safe place – preferably with a view of the refuge (it could be even in the resting phase, a reason to intervene quickly – either loot or fun – or both!).

And if it gets unpleasant and threatens danger, cats pull back too: withdrawal is well known to be the best defense! First, watch what comes there and prepare in peace for the opponent…

Offer your samtpfote several retreat options – cuddly nests and lying areas, preferably at different heights.

Apart from that, your Miezel will also choose his calm poles unerringly.

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