The right eye care

Especially the cat breeds with slightly shorter noses need more eye care than “long noses”; since the tear duct is narrower in their eyes, the eyes often tear: then form small, dark rivulets, which, when dried, crust easily.

If your eyes have been soaked, you should remove the encrustations from the corners of your eyes: to do this, take a soft tissue or a cotton pad and moisten it lightly; The pet shop also offers special cleaning wipes for the sensitive cat’s eyes.

Make sure that you always stroke towards the nose – never the other way around!

Even healthy cats sometimes tear their eyes.

But if your Miez out of the blue the eyes tear strong, are reddened and the discharge is not bright, but yellowish, you should visit with your cat a veterinarian: Has a foreign body crept in or maybe the Stubentiger has conjunctivitis?

  • The Doc can get to the bottom of the matter and help expertly.

“Light, old moon, shine!”

“Der Kleine H√§welmann”, from which the quote comes, is a fairy tale by Theodor Storm.

A little boy, can not sleep, he is bored. Everyone in the city sleeps, except in the forest, except for Hinze, a small cat who jumps from branch to branch and “illuminates”, that is, imitates the stars with his sparkling eyes.

The shining eyes of cats fascinate us humans since time immemorial. But where does it come from that cat’s eyes sparkle in the dark and the babies can see so well in the dark?

This is because the cat’s pupils can become very large and thus more light falls on the retina.

A special pigment layer, the “luminous carpet” (Latin: tapetum lucidum), additionally intensifies the light and lets the cat’s eyes shine so brightly in the dark.

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