Take a furry ball of yarn just once – it may just fit your outstretched hand. The little one is tender and light as a feather, but fluffier than anything you have known so far; if the guy then winks at you with oversized, gleaming eyes and lets his piercing “Miauuuu” sound, you’ve already lost:

Congratulations! – You have just decided to share your life with a cat!

But kittens are still babies and therefore have – just like human babies – special demands. So that the coexistence with the kitten works smoothly from the beginning, we have put together a few valuable tips for you:

Buy kittens – Tips to buy

Who has the choice, as you know, the agony: “A purebred cat or a real hybrid? From the qualified breeder or preferably from private? “

Many questions that you should first let go through your head, before you rush to get carried away, or because just after the mating season of the cats – ie in spring or autumn – there is an oversupply of young kittens.

The decision must be made for a long period of time, perhaps 15 to 20 years; It is worthwhile to be clear in peace about how the adult cat should be “procured”. Because from the golden, small Miez will be in the foreseeable future a handsome tomcat or a spirited cat.

When can you separate kitten from mother?

Sure – you can hardly wait to finally bring that sweetie to your house!

But remember, it is better not to separate the kitten from his family too early, but to let the kitten and brothers and sisters take care of them for as long as possible: in this case, the motto is as usual: the longer, the better! Because the young cat needs this time to be physically fit and mentally balanced – so it’s best to plan the big step into human life from the 12th week.

Keeping a cat alone or raising it for two?

Single housing for domestic cats is not ideal – certainly not for kittens who were previously used to living in a family. Just imagine – from one day to the next, having no family and being transplanted into a completely new, unfamiliar environment!

Okay – there are a lot of new, interesting things to discover and the huge biped caresses and cuddles me too, but at some point, I’m tired of playing and I’m looking for my warming siblings and mom:

I can only fall asleep when I can cuddle up with them and hear their heartbeat … But they are just not there! There is such a strange, animal roommate there; He also has four paws but does not smell like cats at all and yaps when he sees me. – Despair PUR!

So: best kittens always in a double pack!

“To give a cat away” – you have to pay attention to these 7 points

Unfortunately, there are people who feel overwhelmed by the cat attitude sometimes.

This can have many different causes . Especially in the holiday season, therefore, many pets are unceremoniously exposed. In the digital age, it has also become quite easy to get rid of “unwanted” animals in a relatively uncomplicated, anonymous way – to the great indignation of animal lovers and animal rights activists!

But what can you do if cats are offered on the net?

1. Keep calm

Even if it is difficult for you and you are even really angry: Always stay calm and do not overreact!

Because that will not help the animal! As absurd as it may seem to you personally, but the provider will have his reasons, you should accept that.

2. Do not charge

Teach or do not treat the other cat owner. You might feel a little better at the moment and reap the community’s approval on the net, but that does not benefit the beast – on the contrary! So leave it and think about how you can actively and constructively help!

3. Secure evidence

Sounds almost like a thriller – but is down circumstances the only way to effectively help the animals: If you have the feeling that something is not quite kosher, then secure everything that you think about this possible “case” – too how the provider communicates with potential cats interested.

4. avert the danger

If your suspicion is confirmed that an animal is abused or in need, then turn on the animal welfare or the public order. Cats and dogs are “things” according to the animal protection law in Germany, but they must not be abused and the public order office must intervene.

5. Offer help

Even if an animal is to be given away, the alarm bells do not necessarily ring – it can also indicate helplessness or a hopeless situation. Do you see any way you can help the animal? Transitional – to the mediation? Do you know someone who is looking for a cat?

6. Turn on animal welfare

In many cities and communities, there is an animal welfare association or even special clubs that special care for distressed cats; The mostly volunteer animal rights activists take their task very seriously and often provide the cats in cooperation with established veterinarians.

7. Thank you

The local animal welfare is dependent on donations: As you can imagine, food, litter, vehicle, rental and veterinary costs have to be paid – there comes together a lot. But no one comes up for the stray animals – so the animal welfare takes over from his own pocket and is happy about any form of donation!

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