Or maybe they are sharpening their nails on a scraper? Are they guarding the house against the top of a bookcase or shelf? Or, are they playfully trying to get into a box that you left unattended? Whatever activities they are undertaking, they would immediately raise their ears if they knew what I was going to tell you! Today, in fact, I present ” CATOWN “, an innovative kennel, of Italian design and quality, conceived, designed and created especially for cats, to satisfy their ethological needs for rest, play, exploration and marking of the territory … all in a single article!

CATOWN is, in essence, a modular kennel: the basic elements are clips and panels of FSC® certified birch plywood (without glues, chemicals or formaldehyde) which, assembled together, give life to multiple combinations, all irresistible for our kitty! The basic model is a cube with an entrance for the cat: the “box” shape and the entrance suitable for the feline, make the ideal environment for our beloved animal because it makes him feel protected, safe and at the same time master of supervising the surrounding environment.

One of Catown’s strokes of genius consists in the many possibilities of customizing his own kennel, choosing to compose it with special “multi-function” panels, such as:

– the “grating” panel: a wall specifically designed to give the cat the chance to nail itself, completely renewable when it is worn, even at home and without additional costs;

– the “interactive” panel, ideal for a young cat or for several cohabiting cats: it is a panel with holes of different diameters, in which the cat can thread the head or legs, playing in the classic ways that we all know and we love!

– the panels to create a sort of additional “lookout” on top of the base cube, a combination that I would personally choose immediately, thinking of the predilection of cats to reach high places.

Of course, every cat’s dream would be to have not only a kennel but a sort of real castle! And therefore, thanks to the innovative system of clips and panels, it is possible to expand your own “dog project” … to give our cat a palace worthy of a king! How about?

As soon as I discovered CATOWN I was conquered … both for the basic idea, brilliant in its simplicity, but also for the great care and research behind this product. In fact, I invite you to visit the official website , where you can learn more about and appreciate the modular CATOWN kennels, discovering that they allow an excellent air circulation, that they do not clutter up because they can easily be under a desk (and even in a shelf of a bookstore) and above all … they are very beautiful!

Finally, as if all this were not enough, CATOWN has the merit of considering all the cats, even those abandoned and in search of a new family, supporting feline oases and animal welfare voluntary associations. In fact, CATOWN has launched the ” Other kennel, other molten ” campaign: for every 100 Catown modules sold, one is donated to the associations that will participate in the program. What do you want more than that? I sincerely congratulate the creator of this beautiful product, Christian Della Vedova, who will surely win all of us cats and our cats! To you, dear Truefelini friends, there remains at this point that going to look around on CATOWN and chooses the ideal combination for your beloved feline. Which would you choose? Tell me what is the ideal kennel for your cat!

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