I take advantage of this wonderful holiday, to remember its birth. In force since 1990, it was promulgated thanks to a proposal by the gattofila journalist Claudia Angeletti, who called a referendum among the readers of the magazine ” Tuttogatto ” to establish the day to dedicate to these animals. The winning proposal was that of Mrs. Oriella Del Col who thus motivated her idea in proposing this date that contains multiple meanings:

  • February is the month of the zodiacal sign of Aquarius, which is of free and nonconformist spirits like those of cats who do not like to feel oppressed by too many rules.
  • among the popular sayings February was defined as ” the month of cats and witches” thus connecting cats and magic
  • the number 17 , in our tradition has always been considered a number bearer of misfortune , the same fame that, in past times, was reserved for the cat
  • the left fame of 17 is determined by the anagram of the Roman number which from XVII turns into “VIXI” or “I lived”, consequently “I died”. Not so for the cat that, as a legend, can claim to have lived enjoying the possibility of other lives.
  • 17 becomes ” 1 life 7 times “

I am here today to bring to your attention our well-established Birthday Reminder Board. Do you remember it? The virtual plate on which we have affixed the dates of birth of our four-legged friends (or even feathered and pinnate)!

And did you notice what day it is today?

Of course yes! So it only remains for me to wish the very sweet Nerone and Minoù a very good connection, hoping that today is a full day full of pampering … a bit like it happens every day, here! ^ _ ^

And if you have big photos to share with us, don’t hesitate to send them to us. Silvia and I are always very happy to receive them in order to dedicate the space they deserve to your loves.

Happy weekend to all, hairy and not!

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