Not only do cats hear much more, but they can also hear sounds that we miss because we can no longer perceive them; they hear much quieter sounds, even in other frequency ranges, especially those in the high-frequency ranges; audible sound for us humans lies in a frequency range from 16 Hz to 20 kHz. Ultrasound from 20 kHz to 1.6 GHz can hear animals, we no longer, that’s too high for us:

The cat’s hearing amplifies sounds not only many times, but cats can also accurately estimate where the sounds come from; because their ears are not only extremely mobile but also rotatable by 180 degrees.

But the cat’s ear can do more, not only does it stop, it keeps the cat in balance – so all in all, a very important sense organ!

The right ear care

You should check the ears of your cat regularly.

If the ears are dirty, you can simply clean them with a tissue or cotton pad: lightly moisten with a little lukewarm water and gently clean the inside of the earcups – but not too moist, just enough to make cleaning easier!

Please never clean with earbuds or sharp objects! Do not penetrate too deep into the auditory canal and do not work hard or forcefully!

If your mum often shakes his head, often scratching his ears, you notice dark deposits, crusts and unpleasant odors inside the ear, you should rather present your pet to a veterinarian – ear mites could be the cause. They are not to be joked with!

The plagues lay their eggs in the ear canals, crumbly mite excrement and secretions lead to terrible itching: The vet examines the ears on mites, cleans them and then gives you an ointment that kills mites and effectively inhibits inflammation.

What’s up with the separate outer pocket on the ear?

Have you ever wondered what that is?

At the lower end of the outer auricular edge, you will find this skin bag. Are these possibly the traces of a catfight in your Miez was entangled? – So a kind of “smear”, which has remained your fur nose as a souvenir of this fight?

Whether fighter or not – this skin bag has almost all cats! “Saccus cutaneous marginalis” is the official name of this bag.

What is this bag good for?

The scholars argue about that, but the majority of cat experts assume that this skin pocket acts as an additional funnel that catches the sound. This little bag is used to improve your hearing.

Every now and then, you should also take a cautious look into this “outside pocket” – not that here “parasitic tenants” nest in, which then spread throughout the ear.

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