Just like I read in this storybook that I was given for Christmas: 101 stories of cats that never told you.

Putting on my glasses I started reading it, first in silence, then in a low tone like a fairy tale to tell Nanà who was pregnant.

I was most struck by the story n. 11 of ” Maine the Viking “

It’s called Maine, like the place where it ended up living in America, this cat that crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a Viking ship, according to some historians well before Christopher Columbus. A beautiful cat, abundant and long-haired, whose story begins in the Norwegian forests. Because it is there – the chronicles of the time tell – that it was found by the young Viking Leif during a visit to the king of Norway Olafin a city then called Kaupangen in the Trondelag, today known as Trondheim. The king and his guest spent whole days hunting and fishing and one fine spring day, while they were training a hawk, Leif noticed something in the trees: “What kind of animals are these?” He exclaimed. the king replied. . Leif was immediately fascinated and enthusiastic and so the king decided to give him one. The young Viking departed towards Greenland in the company of a beautiful pussy and during the journey, he discovered that the feline, besides being an agile climber, was also a skilled rat hunter. The most difficult thing was to tame it because it grew free in the forests, the cat lived with difficulty among men and above all on a boat. Leif spent two years with his Norwegian cat, with whom he began to establish a relationship of complicity. One day, however, he decided to leave again for a land of which he had heard fables from his friend Bearne, who had escorted him to the west. Always the chronicles tell that in the spring of 1002 the Vikings left Greenland bringing with them the wheat, the mead, and our cat, together with other beautiful cats that in the meantime had been born. They sailed three months through the waters of the North Atlantic before climbing a river to land in a lush land they called Vinland. But the place turned out to be dangerous for the northern explorers, who decided to leave. Our cat, however, did not come back.

101 stories of cats that never told you

Publisher Newton Compton publishers

Authors Monica Cirinnà – Lilli Garrone

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