But do not worry – cats manage well and manage everything pretty independently.

But you can make the time as pleasant as possible for the expectant mother and help her to give birth to her offspring.

How long is the wearing time? Which food is optimal during this time? What does the whelping box look like and what comes to you during the birth? Many questions go through your head when you have never experienced it.

That’s why we’ve put together here what to pay attention to and what pregnant cats need: a digital birth preparation, so to speak!

How do you recognize pregnant cats?

There are certain signs that you realize that your cat is probably pregnant. Many resemble – in a slightly different form – those who are known to us humans.

These include, for example, cravings for certain things, a morning sickness, or an abdominal girth that is steadily increasing.

So, if your baby has more cravings than anything else and gets rounder around the waist, it does not necessarily mean there’s a baby on the way!

But at the same time, if you notice that your teats are swollen, that you vomit more often and are even more affectionate than usual, you may soon expect baby cats.

When can cats become pregnant?

Cats are very fertile.

A cat lady who is not castrated can have up to three litters a year! It can become pregnant as soon as it is sexually mature and ready to mate. The fertile days, also called “runniness” or “Raunze”, are the days when the kitten can become pregnant. Sexually mature and uncastrated, this usually happens every 14 days to three weeks.

When are cats sexually mature?

When can cats get pregnant?

Depending on the breed, cat females become sexually mature at four to twelve months : Abyssinians, Sacred Burma, and Siam, for example, become pregnant at a very early age, namely at the age of five to six months, whereas Persians only become pregnant for the first time at seven to eight months Mother are.

The weight also plays a role.

The willingness to mate can be seen from the fact that the cat is ” rolling “. This happens several times a year. Depending on the cat, this phase lasts seven to ten days and can restart in two to three weeks thereafter.

Cats and Role

The time when cats are ready to mate is called “Rolex” or “Raunze”.

Hormones play a crucial role in this: During this time, the estrogen increases, ovulation is prepared and the cat lady begins to look for a suitable partner: If you find nice hangover, go round! In the wild, the kitten usually takes on different suitors; That’s why the boys look so different.

Watch for mating behavior

If your cat often rolls, gives off a beguiling scent, moans louder and possibly also still butt and tail in the air – then probably “Brunst-Time”!

Then she is almost certainly mobile and ready to mate. Some cats also lose their appetite during this time. Normally, the “pleasure phase” and dating takes a long time to find a suitable candidate. Then it’s back home.

How long are cats pregnant?

A few days pass until the kittens are fully developed and born.

After all, the boys have to go through different phases in which everything that a cat needs is developed.

Depending on the breed, the gestation period is 58 – 67 days.

The smaller cat breeds wear a bit shorter, the larger breeds a little longer.

If the boys have not yet seen the light of day by 70, you should consult a veterinarian who will look closely at the pregnant female and then advise you on what is best to do.

The cat craze – how long it lasts and what happens

Day 6: Migration of the fertilized eggs to the uterus

12th day: implantation in the wall of the uterus

15th day: Connection of embryos with the bloodstream of the expectant cat mum

21st day: The embryos are now detected by ultrasound.

Day 28: Now they have a size of approx. 3-4 cm

Day 38: Nerves, sensory organs and muscles develop

50th day: Now the 7 cm big babies have their own coat

60th day: “We have finished”:

The kittens want to be born in the near future. They are complete – everything is in and on it: real cats, with everything that belongs to a cat! Just before birth, they now measure about 13 cm.

How many kittens does a cat get?

The number of kittens is different.

One, two to five kittens see the light of day, sometimes there are even six!

It depends on the breed, but also on the mating behavior: When did the kitten mate and how many fathers came to the train?

If the cat gets involved with a hangover during the gestation period in the first three weeks, further fertilization is possible.

The kittens therefore often look not only different – even with different fur and eye colors – they are also developed very differently.

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