Prepare the cat birth

If you are a good hunter and often catch something.

If you give food to your adult cat two to three times a day, that’s ideal; You should feed the kittens five times a day.

The cat mum needs high-quality food even after birth.

You can now increase the amount slightly and also offer her a small amount of cream and egg yolk.

But make sure that you take only fresh eggs. You should refrain from protein. It is best to separate the egg white from egg yolks and feed only egg yolks.

Prepare throw nest

Before the calculated date of birth, the litter box made of wood, willow or plastic should be available. Here’s an example:

If you have a talent for craftsmanship, you can also build one yourself.

After birth, it is best to equip it with a heat lamp to keep the little ones warm.

The entrance slightly raised, so that the mum can easily get in and out, but the kittens remain safely in the box. The bottom of the container should be clean and non-slip. Equip it with puppy pads, newspapers, blankets, and towels that are easy to wash.

Please no terry towels! Cats like to stick with their claws. Newsprint is a proven classic. It is available in many households anyway and therefore cheap, because it absorbs liquids well, is clean and easy to dispose of after use.

TIP: It’s best to start collecting newspapers early – you’ll need a lot!

If the whelping box is in its place, you can let the mama sleep in it in special, then she gets used to it and she belongs to her if it already there schnuffelt her. Make sure you find her cat toilet, food and freshwater next to the whelping box.

Because then the way is not too far and she does not have to leave her children alone for so long. Although the little ones are kept warm during their absence by the heat lamp, the mum as a natural source of heat can not be replaced. It can still happen that she chooses another place to give birth – that’s what cats do. Do not take it that bad.

You know – they have their own minds, especially when it comes to their children!

Hold Libra ready

Record the birth in writing, ” log ” the whole thing.

Write down when, which kitten comes into the world.

Give them names and photograph them (camera or mobile phone), so you can easily assign the data later.

If the babies all look the same, it will not be that easy afterward. Are they all very different, of course, you do yourself easier.

Weigh the little things when they are in the world: For this, you take a scale with digital display.

Clean towels

When babies are born, they are surrounded by a pericarp that tends to bite up and down the cat’s mum just like the umbilical cord. She licks the newborn and ensures that the guy starts to breathe.

If your velvet paw is tired or insecure, you can help them: take a clean towel and gently wipe the puppy; So you open the pericarp, if it is not open yet and stimulate the circulation and the breathing of the little one.

If the cat mom does not bite off the umbilical cord, you can also help: tie with the umbilical clamp about 1 cm in front of the abdomen and cut off the umbilical cord over the clamp with the disinfected scissors.

If the wipes have become very wet and bloody during birth, you should replace them with fresh ones so that it does not get too cold in the “cradle”.

hot-water bottle

The newborns need it chubby warm.

As additional heat sources, heat lamps offer.

These should not illuminate the whole whelping box, but only a certain part. Otherwise, it can happen that it gets too warm and the little ones lose too much body fluid due to the constant radiation.

Also suitable are heat pads, which you should also wrap in a towel. So the kitten and the pillow are protected and the heat release is not too extreme.

Especially if your “cat hot water bottle” – the mom – is not present, you should make sure that the kitten is warmed up. Class is for grain pillows that you can warm up easily before. Hot water bottles are not so ideal, as the little ones are already equipped with sharp teeth and claws, they also like to try …

Weigh the kitten

Every newborn baby should be weighed and measured.

If you do this regularly, you have control over whether the kittens are developing properly. They are often different in size and differently developed at birth.

They also do not always find their mom’s teats at the same pace – there are “daredevils” who are always the quickest at the preferred “drinking source”, others need longer or are more restrained.

The temperaments are different!

If one does not increase and does not get bigger in the course of the weeks, you should rather introduce it to a vet.

Mostly bring the little kitties 80 to 120 grams on the scales.

The kittens should increase daily by about 5 – 10%. They double their weight in about a week.

Count placentas

When the baby cat is born, the cat mom licks the baby dry and eats the afterbirth. For kittens, the cat mom kicks off a placenta at birth, which she disposes of herself. Count down and make sure that every placenta comes to the fore.

If not, a veterinarian should remove the missing placenta later so your cat does not get an infection.

Pay attention to complications

Sometimes birth does not go smoothly and begins to become tormenting.

Especially young, inexperienced cats, for whom it is the first birth, sometimes have problems.

For example, if the expectant mum is in labor for too long, and nothing is going on, or the babies in the abdomen are unfavorable, it can be threatening to the little ones and mothers.

Then you should consult a veterinarian. This one can help.

Sometimes there is not enough breastmilk available and the cat mom can not provide adequate care for all babies. Then you need breast milk substitute with colostrum – because that’s what the kittens need at the beginning.

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