Nest preparation of your cat

In the last phase of pregnancy, you will see that the expectant mum is looking for a suitable place to rest and give birth to her little ones.

You can help her with “nest building” by providing her with a homey whelping box or box. These should be big enough so that the mother and offspring can move freely.

Best covered, chilly warm, but not too hot, and in a somewhat secluded place without drafts.

Give up medication and cures

Vaccinations should ideally take place before fertilization, then the defense is built up before the pregnancy and the antibodies are also passed on to the babies via the milk.

The same applies to deworm. It is best to deworm before pregnancy so that the kittens are not attacked with worms by taking up the mother’s milk.

Worming and medication: Ideally, a cat should be dewormed before a pregnancy. If not, deworming should be carried out during pregnancy, otherwise, there is a risk that the kittens may become infected with worms through the mother’s milk.

In any case, check with the vet and do not administer any medications or worming – he will recommend something that is also suitable for cats “in good hope”.

Give her enough time

The closer the birth comes, the greater the need for closeness in some girls . Especially when it’s the first time, young cats are often unsure.

Do not leave her alone too much. Spend a lot of time with her and spoil her after the line and thread. Such a birth is quite a natural thing and cats get all alone there – so do not need a “human midwife” – yes they prefer to go their own way and get their boys in secret – but it can not hurt if we show her that we are her friend and are there for her. We get so much affection from our cats – now is the time where we can give her something back.

The cat birth

The birth of the kittens is a very special experience.

The miracle of life – and you can be there when the little ones make their first breather in the world. And you can accompany the mom and her kids and help them!

Birth is a natural thing.

Your cat comes with it – usually – all alone.

It’s nice if you want to support her – you can do that by creating the environment for her; at birth itself, you can and should give her the freedom she needs.

Only help if there are complications.

The birth takes place in three phases: In the opening phase of labor, labor contracts, then the cervix opens. In the Austreibungsphase they come – the kittens.

Recognize signs of birth in cats

But when is it going to start?

Are there any signs of childbirth in pregnant cats?

Just before it starts, the kittens in the belly of the mum have grown quite a bit – sometimes you can even see that they are moving in the tummy!

If your cat is looking for a suitable bed for the birth, you can be pretty sure that it starts soon.

She wanders around and inspects everything: cabinets, drawers, laundry baskets and favorite places, which she usually enjoys, are visited and checked out.

Teats are enlarged

During pregnancy, the stomach has become rounder. Finally, he sinks more and more: the kitty now looks more and more like a pear.

Just before birth, teats are even more swollen. They now look like little funnels. Sometimes light drops of mother’s milk come out.

From the vagina now comes a liquid spout and it dissolves a mucus plug.

Cat does not eat anymore

One day before birth, the pregnant cat often eats little or nothing at all. But she is more thirsty and drinks a lot more than usual.

Sometimes she has to vomit too. Some cats but also clean as always.

The “feed refusal” is not true for all cats, so is not a sure sign that it starts soon.

Cat is restless

As the birth approaches, many velvet paws become restless.

They run restlessly, often looking for the whelping box or the cat toilet. A place for the birth is sought – even if it is already established for you.

Some breath harder, meowing louder and more penetrating.

Vorwehen can already announce itself in this phase – the stomach pulls itself now more often already together.

Cat goes unsuccessfully to the litter box

Cats are not all the same. Even when it comes to birth is not. That’s why they react differently.

Before contracting, some cats lick extensively on the genitals. Especially if the discharge has occurred or the mucus plug is released.

Others are also increasingly visiting the cat lavatory because they are feeling the pressure of contractions more and more. However, they can not usually settle for liquid or droppings. Both can support the fact that the big moment is approaching.

Cat is hiding

“Do not disturb!”

Anyone who knows his kitty can already tell by the body language when she wants her peace and withdraws. If your cat were in the wild, she would look for a sheltered place for the birth.

And she often carries her boys into another hiding place, so that enemies do not stink the smell of the little ones and make them dangerous.

Shortly before birth, your cat, therefore, prefers to retire to a quiet, quiet place in the living area, where it can not be disturbed; Cabinets and drawers are favorites because velvet paws get sheltered here and do not feel that way.

If she prefers these places instead of a whelping box, you can put her a large box or a basket with towels near these places. Then she has the opportunity to get her kids here if she wants.

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