How do you recognize pregnant cats?

Is your cat really pregnant or not?

Pregnancy can not be ascertained immediately after the coverage. Only after three weeks can the next generation feel.

But keep away! – Do not try that yourself, but let an experienced veterinarian do it. A wrong or too hard grip can hurt the little one very much!

After three weeks, the teats usually swell, they turn pink and stand out more. You can see them better, too, because the fur around the teats is a little lighter.

Pink teats

The most obvious indication that your cat is pregnant is the teats.

They are a pretty sure indication that immediately catches the eye and confirms the suspicion that little things are on the way.

The teats are not only getting bigger, but they also change their color over the weeks. “Skin color” turns pink to reddish – at first weaker, then stronger.

Weight and abdominal increase

If your velvet paw is pregnant, your appetite usually also increases. Of course, the scope!

But even if your cat does not feast on their food with ravenous hunger – the tummy is getting fatter and it is gaining more and more weight. Depending on how many little things she carries, she can gain up to 2 kilograms of body weight.

Drudge Figure

Pregnant cats, whose body changes rapidly, often look like a pack mule: During pregnancy, they often get more and more a Senkrücken and belly become thicker. This “ball belly” is not the only rounder, but heavier – which causes the spine is bent slightly downward – the back is so low.

That’s why we like to call it ” pack donkey figure “!

Nesting behavior of the cat

Your kitty often shows the same signs during gestation as an expectant human mum: These include nausea, which means the cat may vomit more often, and mood swings.

She has just searched for your proximity and cuddled extensively with you and in the next moment, she takes off and wants her rest. For that, she prefers to move to a place where nobody bothers her. Leave these oases of peace and contemplation!

The changes in the body make your cat as much to create as the future human mums.

Go to a vet

It’s not easy to see if you can hope for offspring or not. If you want to know if your velvet paw is a mom, you can have a vet diagnose the pregnancy. This can feel from the 17th day after fertilization, whether offspring is on the move and from the 21st day make an ultrasound.

After about forty days you can see how many cat children on the Wemerkst that it starts soon, you should make sure that the whelping box is in a room where it is nice and quiet and pleasantly warm. But do not exaggerate: tropical conditions should not be!

It is enough if the room temperature is about 21-22 degrees.

This is important because kitten in the first few days of life is still dependent on the temperature remains the same, because they are like human babies not yet able to keep their body temperature itself constant.

Pregnant cat or worm belly

Cat pregnant or “worm belly”?

However, increased appetite and a thicker belly do not necessarily have to indicate offspring.

There may also be a worm infestation, a deficiency, an allergy or a disease. If the condition persists and you feel suspicious, check if any worms are at work. In a worm infestation, cats also get a large, swollen belly.

If you are unsure, I would rather introduce the girl to a veterinarian; This checks your cat through, can also determine the exact nature of the worm and provide a targeted remedy.

Note: While it is no pleasure for cats to be presented to the doc – and that should only take place if necessary – but rather too much, than too little studied!

What does a pregnant cat need?

The body of the expectant mother turns around and therefore naturally has other needs, like a cat that does not wear. What should you pay attention to?

Are there things that could be harmful to your mother and children and that you should avoid? How can you make your velvet paw the time of pregnancy as comfortable as possible?

Make sure that the expectant mother gets enough light and air.

Movement is good and okay – but in moderation and not exaggeration: So no more jumps in 3 meters height. If possible no Zoff with other babes. Because that can really hose and may involve risks.

You do not need to pack your velvet paw in cotton wool, but try to avoid stress and exciting, unfamiliar situations.

What do pregnant cats eat?

Pregnant cat – what to feed?

The diet is a very important point because the body of your cat is now massively and takes a lot of energy.

It is recommended that the pregnant cat feed 50% more calories every day.

Make sure that the expectant mum gets enough high-quality food and enough liquid and is optimally supplied with all important minerals and vitamins.

For pregnant cats there are specialized cat food for the time of the happy expectation and afterward. If you prefer to cook for yourself, use nutrient-, protein-, and vitamin-rich ingredients to make sure she gets everything she needs now. It’s best to make a diet so that the diet is as balanced as possible.

The food should also be given to the cat mom during breastfeeding – as long as the kittens drink with her.

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