And, as we know, springtime is an inevitable feast, the celebration of rebirth par excellence: Easter. LAV as every year awaits us in the square with its delicious dark chocolate eggs, combined with a campaign in favor of animals. This year the proceeds from the sale of the eggs will go to support dogs and cats abandoned in southern Italy. In addition to the banquets, it will be possible to give your own signature for the ” ANIMALS ARE NOT A LUXURY ” campaign. Indeed, animals are in effect OUR FAMILY, why then do drugs and veterinary services cost us a fortune, as if it were a whim for the rich to cure them in case of illness?

These are the requests of LAV, to which we can all give voice with our signature to the Easter egg banquets:

  • cancellation of the VAT TAX on veterinary services for adopted animals and reduction of that on veterinary services and food for animals not kept for profit (today, on the other hand, a VAT rate of 22% is applied, provided for some luxury goods);
  • reduction of the costs of VETERINARY DRUGS with the recognition of the generic drug also in veterinary and the use of the drug-equivalent;
  • increase in the amount of TAX DEDUCTION of veterinary expenses and veterinary drugs from the tax return, making it total for those who adopt a dog or cat (today these expenses are deductible within the limited limit of 387.34 euros, with a maximum discount of just 49,06).

They seem to be valid and sacrosanct requests and I will gladly give my signature this (10-11 March) or next weekend (17-18 March), to one of the LAV banquets! To find out which is the square closest to you and the banqueting times, consult the dedicated page and above all… go to sign and buy a chocolate egg from the double goodness: for you and for the animals!

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