Living with cats

Living with a cat (s) will bring you many incomparable moments, as cats have an irresistible way of securing their owners’ attention. Not for nothing, one speaks of cat owners as “cans” – or “door opener”. It’s a bit magical how cats manage to form “their human” – and have done so for hundreds of years!

But actually it is no wonder: The constellation man-cat – or should I say better “cat-human” – is perfect! The cat enjoys your care and for you, it is already a great feeling when this wild animal shows so much confidence and you trust so much that it lays on the back or the side – actually a defensive posture – and urges you to.

And it’s proven: You relax when you petting a purring cat.

Less relaxing is when cats suddenly develop quirks. And really uncomfortable is the circumstance when the cat becomes “impure” . Many causes can play a role in this, which is why we have specially put together the Cat’s Best cat hygiene advisor, which gives many tips and advice on this topic.

Tip 7: Even before you buy a cat, you should select a Compare the costs of vaccination, deworming and other treatments. Look at the reviews of the practice on the Internet or ask other cat owners for a recommendation. Equally important: Considering who will pay for care if you are unable to take care of your cat due to holidays or illness.

Cats love their silence

Basically, your cat appreciates a neat, quiet environment. She loves rituals and her usual routine: at the same time feed, clean cat litter box in the same place and at the same time. Some velvet paws react sensitively to deviations from the norm: the change of furniture or a complete change of residence, new animal or human roommates, a changed life rhythm … all this can irritate a cat more or less.

For all cats but are extremely unpleasant: cigarette smoke, loud music, loud arguments, an unhygienic cat toilet and the lack of retreat.

Conclusion for cat purchase

As Loriot – aka Vicco von Bülow – said so aptly about his preferred breed:

“A life without boobs is possible, but meaningless”.

This can be seamlessly transferred to cats!

Granted, life with each new partner carries risks, and you may even have to make sacrifices, but your life will become so much richer:

Just now, the animal roommate has decorated your curtains with a brisk fringe pattern – and the next moment he purrs your lap and gently presses his head against your wrinkled forehead – I swear – you have no chance!

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