Purchases for the cat

To ensure the physical and mental well-being of the new resident, you should have the right equipment ready:

  • Naturally, the litter box and cat litter are indispensable. You should plan two cat lavatories per cat, which are set up in easily accessible but quiet places.
  • For feeding best kept several sets of feeding and drinking cups made of metal, glass, enamel or porcelain, because food should always find the cat in a clean vessel. Always separate the water and bowls. Incidentally, cats like to drink from watering cans, indoor fountains or even directly from the tap!
  • Please feed high-quality and species-appropriate cat food as balanced as possible. Only dry food is not recommended. If possible, administering several small portions throughout the day is the best way to feed the cat.

Tip # 5: If you want your cat to stay healthy and fit, pay special attention to hygiene: remove the contaminants from the cat lavatory daily; at regular intervals make the complete change. Always keep food and water bowls clean.

  • For indoor cats: a scratch and climbing tree. There are no limits to your imagination! The offer ranges from stylish, expensive design furniture to self-made natural wood. It is important that your cat can sharpen her claws extensively.
  • Even playful bundles of energy from time to time need their peace and a homey retreat cookies: best a cozy cave or a cuddly pillow – so a fluffy retreat, where your cat loves to take a nap.
  • Especially apartment cats are happy about a room well and cat grass: So you make sure that they drink enough and take natural vitamins.
  • Since cats are cave animals, a simple cardboard box – even if it is not from a well-known online retailer, can sweep Stubentiger into raptures: just cut in different-sized holes, put on top of a blanket – let’s go!
  • The purchase of a transport basket is also indispensable. Plastic baskets are very well suited, whose lid can be opened and closed from above so that you can place the cat stress-free and comfortable. The best place to put the familiar cuddly blanket is in the transport basket. At the basket, you should get used to the cat from the beginning, because sometimes a quick trip to the vet may be necessary.
  • If the apartment cat makes trips to the balcony, it should be equipped with a corresponding cat net, which protects against eruption and falls. If you want to install such a network, but you should ask if necessary before the landlord for permission.
  • If you have a release at home, but you can not always open the door yourself, we recommend installing a cat flap. To prevent the neighborhood’s cats from partying in the house, there are now cat flaps that come with a custom chip that only gives access to your chipped cat.
  • Cat toys mainly need domestic cats. Because they lack the suggestions that get free-range cats in nature at every turn. For this reason, pure cats are more on the people shaped, usually more affectionate, but also dependent on additional entertainment.
  • For grooming, there are – depending on the coat – appropriate care tool: combs with special tines, brushes, trim knife and even hair balm as a combing aid. The grooming is not only “freestyle”, but mandatory – especially for half-long haired cats, long-haired cats and older cats, which are no longer articulated enough to catch all the places themselves during the cleaning.

Tip 6: Cat toys are easy to make yourself. There are many great suggestions for this on the internet. It is more environmentally friendly and a lot of fun!

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