Keep cats alone or not?

From the 4th week of life, a cat is socialized. This happens in most cases with siblings (“single children” are the exception in cats). During this time, she learns everything about the kitty-togetherness and is educated not only by the cat mom but also by the siblings.

If a cat grows up in an appropriate manner under these circumstances, it is indeed a life-long “single hunter”, but only in exceptional cases a “loner”, because cats are by nature very sociable.

Cats love cats

Against this background, if you want to keep a flat cat, you should give two cats a home. Because admittedly no one can replace another cat fully; Even if you go to so much trouble: You can never satisfy the need for closeness and entertainment like a conspecific – but that’s okay – after all, you’re a human and you do not have to mutate into a cat just to make your kitty happy!

If several cats are kept together in the apartment, they provide each other for fun and games. And the unpleasant side effects due to loneliness – such as uncleanliness or other behavioral problems – do not even occur.

The case is different for cats, who are also outside. The ” freedivers ” experience enough adventure in the wild and regularly meet other fur noses.

Which cats fit together

Naturally, siblings are ideally suited – here is the chance for an intimate friendship with cats greatest.

It also works great if you add a much younger one to an older cat. Because the little girl enjoys first fool freedom.

The advantages of keeping two cats

Two cats reduce the stress that a bored cat gives you by scratching furniture or making other mischiefs happen. Veterinary costs per cat also decrease because cats in the community are much less susceptible to disease.

Of course, only the bowls need to be filled twice and the litter boxes (two cats per cat) must, of course, be cleaned regularly.

In a high-quality plant cat litter like Cat’s Best but the effort is manageable: The purely herbal cat litter uses technologically refined active wood fibers that absorb moisture and odors immediately and encapsulate deep inside. Therefore, Cat’s Best can stay in the cat lavatories for up to 7 weeks before a complete change is necessary. This ensures a completely natural cleanliness and makes the toilet corridor a woody-comforting experience for the cats.

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