Checklist before acquiring a cat

  • Do you have enough time for a pet? Or are you constantly on the move? A cat needs a lot of time and attention, especially if she lives exclusively in the house. The vast majority of cats do not like changes, but love rituals and regularity.
  • Do you have enough space? A cat needs space for itself and at best a large area outside.

Tip 3: If you live in a rented apartment, you must first clarify whether your landlord agrees to the purchase of a cat; in some cases, even the household needs to be included in the decision.

  • Cat costs: Can you afford food, litter, accessories and vet visits? Especially the last post can be very costly if the cat suffers from a chronic illness.
  • Does the cat fit with the character? Observe the animal as possible at different times of the day before you decide. If you like to have your peace, a stormy, wild animal is probably not the right thing. Cat is not the same cat – they are just as different in their nature as we humans!
  • Terrible and extremely restrained behavior is not atypical for shelter cats, but can even be reversed by growing trust: especially cats that have gone through bad things can become extra affectionate.
  • If you can not find your “dream cast” at the shelter, then just buy from a truly reputable and certified breeder – or give a new home to a stray dog ​​- he’ll thank you!

Tip 4: Try to get as much information as possible about the history of the cat of your choice. So you can best judge if you really and truly fit together.

How do you recognize a good cat breeder?

  • A good breeder keeps the animals in the apartment or in the house and the animals have family connections.
  • A cat may throw a maximum of once a year. Through clever questions, you can find out if the breeder keeps to the throw breaks.
  • Of course, the breeder must know all about the breed and needs of his cats and inform you comprehensively and willingly.
  • The membership in a Rassekatzenverein is an indication, but unfortunately not a 100% guarantee for a reputable breeder.
  • Keep your fingers away from – supposedly – especially cheap kittens!
  • The best thing to do when you buy a breed cat proof of their pedigree and ensures that the owner register is updated after purchase.
  • For long-haired cats should already be used to the care routine.

Unfortunately, there are some “black sheep” among cat sellers who pretend to be breeders, but only unconscionably breed animals. Therefore, the breeder should be chosen very carefully!

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